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Michiana Electric & HVAC Repair Services

Breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst possible moment. When you least expect it or need the service most, an outage can cause a wide range of problems, from discomfort to dangerous safety hazards. That’s why, when your heating, cooling or electrical systems suffer a breakdown, you need electric and HVAC repair services you can count on to get there in a hurry, work quickly, and finish the job in one trip.

The professionals at Great Lakes Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical have been keeping Michiana homes up and running since 1957 with our unmatched response times and repair services. When you call Great Lakes for your home issues, you can always rely on us for:

  • 24/7 emergency availability
  • Fast response times
  • A complete home assessment to find the source of the issue
  • Quick and trustworthy technicians and electricians
  • A commitment to safety and cleanliness during and after the job
  • A system that works like new and provides savings through efficiency
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Service Repairs Done Right

When it comes to HVAC & electrical repairs, it’s our commitment to comfort, safety and customer satisfaction that sets us apart from the competition. Our service to you doesn’t just include fixing the problem; it’s making sure that you do everything you can to prevent it from happening again. After the repairs are over, you’ll have a chance to join our discount club and receive a range of benefits including:

  • Tips and suggestions for efficiency and maximum performance
  • Preferred treatment on emergency and scheduled services
  • A 15% discount on all labor & repairs
  • Automatic membership renewal
  • Multiple exclusive convenient scheduling and pricing options

Don’t risk further damage and put repairs off to another day. Let the repair experts at Great Lakes bring you the peace of mind and comfort you deserve! Whether emergency or scheduled repair, contact us online or call us 24/7 at (574) 287-5046.

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Having Trouble?

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Electrical & HVAC Repair

How do I know if I need a Repair?

Is your AC making ominous noises? Maybe it sounds fine but isn’t cooling. Here’s a list of common air conditioning warning signs and their likely causes and fixes.

Call our office at (574) 287-5046 to set up an appointment today.

  • My Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On
  • I’m Not as Comfortable as I was Last Year
  • My Utility Bills are Abnormally High
  • The Air Coming Out of the Registers Doesn’t Feel as Cold as it Used to
  • Weird Noises During Startup and Operation
  • The AC Shuts Off Before or Long After I’m Comfortable
  • There’s a Puddle of Water Next to my Furnace
  • My AC Unit Refuses to Kick On at All