Dedicated Circuits

Improving Your Efficiency and Safety with a Dedicated Circuit

Electrical-OutletAt any given time, today’s buildings are running on a multitude of electrical appliances simultaneously. With the dependence on more power increasing at an incredible rate, losing function of any important devices can result in a number of issues, ranging from frustrating to dangerous.

When too many electrical appliances run on the same circuit, an overload can cause it to shut itself down. While this is originally designed as a safety measure to prevent fires and electric hazards, in older homes, an improper shutdown of many modern devices can have consequences beyond temporary not working. That’s why having a dedicated circuit installed into your Michiana home or business can help keep all of your devices not only running safely, but performing worry-free. Some of the modern benefits of a dedicated circuit include:

Satisfaction and Performance

Many home comfort and pieces of HVAC equipment devices operate at high electrical capacity, and their most effective operation primarily depends on your thermostat’s setting. By dedicating a circuit for your air conditioning and heating systems, you can ensure that you not only stay comfortable in weather extremes, but that your equipment isn’t damaged from sudden unexpected shutdowns.


Today’s device make the modern home more convenient and enjoyable – but when too many are running on the same circuit, you may find that they’re all out of commission when your breaker trips. To keep all of your home’s benefits in tact, let Great Lakes help set up a dedicated circuit for the appliances that really matter.


Computers run everything in our lives, from work to personal information to entertainment. When you keep your computers on a dedicated circuit, you’ll be ensuring that you can hold on to the sensitive data that keeps you functioning.


Don’t suffer through another trip to your electrical panel! Set up an in home estimate for a dedicated circuit installation from Great Lakes by contacting us online or calling (574) 287-2397 today!