Electric Generators

Convenience and Peace of Mind with an Electric Generator

lightningThe unpredictable weather of the Great Lakes region can take a toll on your utilities. Whether in a blizzard or a heat wave, power loss always seems to hit at the least opportune times. Events like floods, lightning strikes, or even circuit overload can cut you off from the energy grid, leaving without any options for electricity for an extended period of time. Thanks to Great Lakes, the solution for large scale outages has arrived: whether in your home or business, an electric generator installation can get you back online when the electric company can’t. A Great Lakes generator can not only bring your building back to life, but help to keep you safe and comfortable in the process.

Backup Generator Installation and Repairs

If you find yourself in an emergency without a generator, you may be putting your safety and security at risk. You could save large amounts of money caused by:

Room Rental

In an emergency, finding shelter could cost hundreds of dollars a night, especially if it’s in high demand. Avoid renting a room and keep your home habitable.

Temperature Extremes

A backup generator can keep your climate control systems powered even without electricity. This will keep you water drinkable, your HVAC systems operational, prevent damage or health issues from extreme weather.

Wasted Food

A generator will keep your refrigerator and freezer online during a blackout, meaning that you won’t have to throw anything away.


When power goes out over a large area, a sense of confusion can cause multiple problems. In the event of a large scale blackout, be sure that your security systems can still deter any theft or damage of personal property caused by criminals, panic or wild animals.


In case of emergency, how reliable is your backup plan? Contact Great Lakes online or call (574) 287-2397 today to speak with an electric generator installation expert!