Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

The Importance of Air Conditioning Service in Michiana

An air conditioning system is complex. Just over the course of normal operation, it relies on a multitude of working parts, and often times the AC system is interconnected with other services, such as your heating and electrical systems. One of the most important things you can do for your cooling investment is schedule a routine air conditioning service tune up. That’s why, by scheduling a regular air conditioning maintenance appointment with Great Lakes Heating and AC, you can enjoy the benefit of:

  • Reduced Energy Usage and Utility Bills
  • Catching Problems Before They Develop
  • A Longer, More Productive System Lifespan
  • Reduced Risk of Repairs and Replacement
  • Compliance with Equipment Warranties
  • Maximum Comfort and Satisfaction!

When is AC Maintenance Needed?

While many people only react to a malfunctioning system, there are measures that you can take to reduce your cost and inconvenience. Unlike with last minute repairs or replacement, maintenance can be performed when there appears to be nothing wrong with your system. To reduce the need for any further work on your air conditioner, it pays to invest in routine maintenance at least once or twice a year.

The Complete Maintenance Experience with Great Lakes

Our air conditioning maintenance professionals know the importance of a system that not only runs, but efficiently and smoothly. A comprehensive Great Lakes system tune up always includes:

  • Identification of potential issues and warning signs
  • Calibration of all moving parts
  • Airflow and filter examination
  • Resealing cracks and gaps in equipment
  • Evaporator & condenser coil cleaning
  • Tune up for maximum performance and comfort levels

The experienced comfort specialists at Great Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning are committed to giving you a convenient and accurate assessment of your HVAC system’s needs, offering the most affordable options to fit your budget. To schedule preventive maintenance, contact us online or call today at (574) 287-5046!