Water Heater Replacement

Get Hot Water System Install You Need

It is next to impossible to live without hot water in the Michiana area. So when your water heater is taking its dying breaths, it can be pretty frustrating. Water heater replacement is a big decision. Great Lakes is here to guide you through the replacement process with a few pointers.
But first, can your water heater issue be fixed by a repair?

When You Need a Water Heater Replacement

The lifespan of a water heater is about 8 – 12 years. When it’s above 10 years old, showing problems and hasn’t had regular maintenance, that is a pretty definite sign you need a replacement.

A water heater that seems completely broken down can sometimes be suffering from a simple electrical issue, such as a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Plumbers at Great Lakes will help identify these problems.

What to Consider When Replacing Your Water Heater

Once your plumber determines that you need a replacement, you have a lot of options to enhance your water heater experience. You might want to consider:

  • Energy Efficiency – New units are more efficient than ever. You’ll have to weigh the benefits of a smaller upfront cost or a smaller cost over time.
  • Gallon Capacity – You’ll usually choose between a 40 and 50 gallon tank. Larger tanks store more hot water.
  • Recovery Rate – If there are several people in your household, you may benefit more from a heater that can restore hot water more quickly.
  • Tankless – If you want to use natural gas or propane, this is a good option to consider. They are more energy efficient than tank options. They are initially more expensive but pay off over time.

Let the our plumbers do the dirty work of installation so you can enjoy your new reliable water heater.

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