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A Mini Split for Your New Addition

A dynamic HVAC system is a must in Michiana, IN. You want climate control that can respond to the changing of the seasons and keep your utility costs low, regardless of the weather. That’s why the heating and cooling professionals at Great Lakes Heating & AC can install a mini split system into any area of your home, bringing you the advantage of efficiency and comfort without the need for costly ductwork installation.

How Does a Mini Split Work?

A mini-split is a two-sided climate control system composed of two individual pieces of equipment. One side generates heat, while the other other side remains cold. The part on the inside monitors the temperature, and can then turn on the unit, which then regulates temperature effectively.

The Benefits of a Mini Split System

  • Dependability – Without a complex duct system or large area to control, a ductless system life can last decades compared to a typical HVAC system.
  • Savings – A ductless heat pump will bring a quick, effective and affordable climate control solution to through low utility usage and dynamic operation.
  • Quiet Operation – Relatively small equipment and no outdoor unit means no distracting noises or loud operation caused by fans & other complicated moving parts.
  • Quick Installation – Due to the size and simplicity of the equipment, ductless units can be installed in almost any type of room, and are just as easy and cost effective to maintain.
  • Custom Control – Get complete control of every room in your home, and rest easy knowing that you won’t have to pay to cool or heat rooms that aren’t occupied.
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