Gas Pack

A Gas Pack for the Most Efficient Climate Control

The weather can be one of the most unpredictable factors of living in Michiana, IN. With harsh winters and humid summers, it’s hard to find a heating and cooling unit that can stay effective. That’s why Great Lakes Heating & AC knows the importance of a system that’s both responsive and dynamic, but doesn’t cost a large amount to install and maintain throughout the seasons.

Great Lakes Heating & AC’s experienced and certified technicians can provide your home with a convenient gas pack solution, bringing an all-in-one solution to your air conditioning and heating needs, regardless of the weather throughout the year.

When to Choose Gas Pack over a Mini Split

Mini split systems have become a popular solution to homes without ductwork in recent times. Their quiet operation and easy installation are enticing to the buyer as a quick fix, but it’s not always advantageous in areas that experience both seasonal extremes. With the sudden changes of temperature in Michiana, Indiana, your climate control setup may benefit most from a gas pack, where a furnace exists inside the house and a cooling unit remains outdoors. With a gas pack, you’ll experience a wide range of benefits, including:

  • a direct heat source inside your home
  • a longer system life compared to standard HVAC equipment
  • compatibility with either propane or natural gas, depending on your home’s hookup
  • high efficiency ratings compared to electrical units
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