HVAC Packaged Unit

The Benefits of a Complete System All in One Unit

In a split system, there are two units designed to operate the climate control in your home. While this can be an effective solution in homes that don’t have ductwork, there are also options that can be more affordable in larger buildings where mini splits may not be as effective.

A package unit combines the efficiency and effectiveness of a multiple unit HVAC system all into one, efficient and convenient unit. This equipment is mounted on the roof, where it remains out of the way and can force air down into the structure.

Some Packaged Unit Advantages

For commercial and larger buildings, a packaged HVAC unit may be the best option for you. Depending on your building type, there are many advantages to going with a packaged HVAC unit, including:

  • Both heating and air conditioning capability for maximum versatility throughout the year
  • Space saving with a unit that stays out of the way and out of sight
  • Simple service and repair that costs you less
  • An easy to modify design, to allow for capacity adjustments
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