Dual Fuel Systems

The Most Dynamic Heating and Cooling with a Hybrid System

Wintertime in the Michiana, Indiana area can be unpredictable. That’s why economical heating is the best way to save money, so that you use minimal resources and save on your utility costs. With a dual-fuel or hybrid heating system from Great Lakes Heating & AC, you’ll be able to turn the little heat there is into a comfortable climate for your home, all for minimal effort.

How it Works

A dual fuel heating system works to complement your current HVAC system. It attaches to your furnace and takes over in mild weather, which provides a more level temperature and efficient solution to your climate control needs. By taking over for your furnace, it also means less wear and tear on your equipment that’s designed to work hard in the temperature extremes.

Because it uses the outside air to heat or cool your home, a dual fuel system will cost you even less in the milder months; and a mild winter or summer means even more savings! And since it’s considered an upgrade to current system, it’ll save you the cost of installing a brand new HVAC system!

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