Need a Repair?




Technician Information

  • Title: Installation Apprentice

Technician Bio:

  • Name: Michael
  • Hometown: Lakeville IN
  • Favorite Aspect of my job: Every job is different. Each house brings it’s own set of challenges. Although I’m doing the exact same thing at pretty much every job, no two jobs are the same. So, it keeps you on your toes and learning more.
  • Hobbies: I enjoy shooting guns and fishing. Although with my two kids I don’t get to do either very often. :) I enjoy the occasional night out with friends and I love to watch movies. Interesting Fact about me. I am a music and movie fiend! I love all genres of music and all categories of music. I have a ridiculous amount of CD’s and cassette tapes and I also have an entire movie library of DVD’s and VHS tapes; probably totaling 200+ give or take.

More About Me: