Rewire Your House

Saving Time, Money and Stress with a Whole House Rewiring

electrician-wiringThe wiring behind your walls is one of the most complex features of your home, and you interact with it every day. With such a network out of sight, it’s easy to take the power it brings to outlets and appliances for granted, especially when it seems like things are going right. But without help from a professional electrician, location problems when they do occur can prove to be an overwhelming task. The fully licensed and experienced electricians at Great Lakes can install and repair all of your home’s wiring, to make sure it’s done correctly and all with your comfort and safety in mind.


Great Lakes has been providing homes with affordable and effective wiring systems for years, bringing the latest technology and code standards into the comfort of your home. You can always count on us to identify and fix any type of issue, including:

  • Old, non-code-compliant wiring
  • Incorrect or amateur installation
  • An unexplained rise in electric bills
  • New construction and renovations

What’s the Best Wiring Material Out There?

In the past, electricity wasn’t as easily understood as it is today. In addition, material shortages meant that wires needed to be made from any material available. Today’s heightened power needs and grasp of electricity mean that highly-conductive materials are more available than ever. In homes where older wiring is present, corroded wiring means a higher risk of shock, damaged appliances or even fire. The experienced electricians at Great Lakes can help you upgrade to more conductive and safe materials such as copper, bringing you a wide range of benefits including:

  • Higher customization due to lightweight materials
  • Increased conductivity and performance
  • Easy maintenance and safety
  • A safer home filled with peace of mind!

What does your home’s wiring look like? Let Great Lakes perform an in home assessment and rewire your house by contacting us online or calling (574) 287-2397 today!