Whole House Surge Protection

Safety and Savings with a Whole House Surge Protection from Great Lakes

lightningAn electrical surge can be one of the most unexpected and damaging events that can occur to your home. In fact, in the event of a spike, a common single-outlet surge protector in your home still won’t keep your valuables 100% covered. When a high-level power surge occurs, having whole house surge protection installed is your safest bet to ensure that all of your valuables remain intact, and your family is safe from electrocution. Great Lakes has all of the experience and information you want in an electrician,to make sure you’re ready when trouble strikes.

What Exactly is a Power Surge?

A power surge is any unexpected or sudden increase in your electrical system’s current. There are multiple factors that can result in such a spike, and even the smallest occurrences can lower the quality of your valuables over time. Furthermore, the worse condition your wiring is in, the more prone it is to being ruined by a surge. Multiple electric surges over time can degrade your system and increase electrical damage or even fires. Some of these most common surges are caused by:

  • Lightning
  • Power cycling of large equipment
  • Local electrical grid usage during the summer
  • Nearby downed electrical lines and transformers
  • Single circuit appliance overload

In the event of a power surge, potentially damaged items include not only large and expensive equipment, but even valuable or dependable electronics in your household. A power surge can damage or even destroy:

  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Computers containing sensitive information

Is your home fully protected in the event of a power surge? Speak with a fully licensed and certified Great Lakes electrician today! Contact us online or call (574) 287-2397 to schedule a convenient in home assessment.