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Dependable Heating and Cooling with Forced Air

One of the most common and popular HVAC systems in Michiana, IN today is the forced air system. Its reliability, fast heat delivery and quiet operation make it a favorite among homeowners all across the area. A forced air heating and air conditioning system from Great Lakes Heating & AC will bring you all the comfort and savings you expect from a quality HVAC services company.

What Exactly is “Forced” Air?

A forced air heating system uses a series of fans to pull air from various rooms through a filter and into the heat pump or furnace. Here, the air is heated or cooled and blown back into the duct system and dispersed throughout the house. This allows for several advantages in heating or cooling your home, such as:

– More dynamic temperature control based on the air drawn into the system
– Compatibility with a heat pump or furnace of any type or age
– Simple installation, operation and maintenance
– Lowered energy costs, since air is circulated by fans, not the unit itself
– A wide range of fueling options, such as gas, oil, or electricity
– The same distribution method for both heating and cooling means you’re only using one unit

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