Split Air Conditioning

The Cost-Friendly Way to Control Your Comfort

In the Midwest, dynamic temperatures mean you need a climate control system that can keep up. But in older buildings or homes without ductwork installed, a new HVAC system can mean costly equipment and drastic construction efforts. With a split air conditioning system from Great Lakes Heating & AC, you can enjoy top quality HVAC control for minimum cost and effort!

What is a Split System?

Originally conceived for areas of dense population, split air conditioners are becoming more and more popular in the Midwest due to their dynamic performance and low maintenance cost. Split systems are composed of two main components: a compressor which is placed outside, and the circulating unit tasked with providing air to the inside of your home.

The Benefits of a Split Air Conditioner in Indiana

Easy Installation: An uncomplicated setup and lack of ductwork needed means a minimal installation time and cost for you. Most units can be installed in a matter of hours!

Low Maintenance: With fewer moving parts and unseen ductwork than in a traditional HVAC setup, you can keep closer track of your system’s performance, making it easier to knew when maintenance is needed.

Versatility: Despite the name, most split air conditioners also contain a heating mode, meaning that it’s not just useful in the summer. And with a system capable of running all year, you’ll have even less equipment to worry about.

Convenience: With smaller equipment built into the wall, you’ll be able to avoid the unsightly appearance of a big outdoor unit. You also won’t have to block your windows when it’s nice outside!

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