Zoned System

Saving Energy in Rooms that Don’t Need Climate Control

In your home, there are some rooms that are used more than others. In addition, most spaces are only occupied at certain times of the day, such as living rooms and bedrooms. With Great Lake’s zoned systems, you’ll be able to gain maximum control of your living quarters and save money in the process.

A zoned heating and cooling system gives you all the comfort you would expect from your normal HVAC system, but adds the peace of mind that you’re not wasting energy on controlling the temperature of rooms that are unoccupied.

How Does it Work?

In traditional HVAC systems, a single thermostat controls the entire temperature of a building. While effective at providing a level temperature, these units waste a large amount of energy in sending warm or cool air to empty spaces, and are subject to the limits of your home’s structure, such as tough-to-reach back rooms and drafty basements or attics. Once installed, a zoned system will allow you to set different temperatures for different rooms or floors, meaning that your system can simply reroute otherwise wasted energy into the places where it will be most effective.

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