Electrical Outlets

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outlet-fixOutlets are essential parts of your home’s electrical system–your appliances are essentially useless without them. Your electrical outlets supply power to the devices you use on a daily basis, but their placement can determine how well your rooms are set up. The licensed & experienced electricians at Great Lakes know how important it is to have the right electrical outlets in the right place, in order to ensure that your appliances are as safe, reliable and efficient as possible. Great Lakes can replace, install, and repair any type of electrical outlet imaginable, including:

Electric Charging Station

If you plan on owning an electric automobile or other chargeable device, a dedicated charging station in your garage or outside your home can save you from having to look for stations elsewhere. You’ll have the peace of mind to know you’ll never be left on the road without power again.

Heavy Appliance

Large appliances like washers and dryers often require their own circuits and outlets to handle their high electrical demand.


Perfect for offices or rooms with a large number of appliances, 2 duplex outlets allow many devices to be plugged in close together, saving you the mess of tangled extension cords and limited room layout options.


Short for “ground fault circuit interrupter,” a GFCI is an essential outlet for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. GFCIs can prevent short circuits or even electrocution caused by water around your electrical devices.


Sometimes, wall outlets aren’t the best option in rooms where furniture and mobile appliances are used. A floor outlet placed in the just the right location will provide an unassuming and convenient power option.

Damaged Electrical Outlets

In many situations, a repair can be just as reliable and cost effective to your safety as a full replacement. Great Lakes can help to repair:

  • Damaged Equipment
  • Backstabbing and Improper Wiring
  • Unresponsive Receptacles

What shape are your electrical outlets in? For expert service in your home or business, contact us online or call Great Lakes today at (574) 287-2397!